2021: TAG Heuer x Porsche - an alliance forged by innovation

Episode 8 March 22, 2023 00:08:40
2021: TAG Heuer x Porsche - an alliance forged by innovation
A Matter of Time
2021: TAG Heuer x Porsche - an alliance forged by innovation

Mar 22 2023 | 00:08:40


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Season 1: The TAG Heuer Carrera |

This episode focuses on the special relationship between Porsche and TAG Heuer and their official partnership in 2021. While it’s by chance that the name ‘Carrera’ is central to both brands, their passion for technology and innovation is what made them destined for collaboration. 


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Show notes:

0:35 TAG Heuer & Porsche: a shared history of innovation 

1:03 Young entrepreneurs: Edouard Heuer and Ferdinand Porsche   

1:19 Carrera: A shared origin story

1:49 Products that perform under pressure   

3:13 1969: Launch of autochronograph & Porsche 917    

4:17 1980s: Heuer x McLaren    

4:32 1983: McLaren x Porsche  

5:17 1990s: both companies go through organizational restructuring  

5:31 1996: Carrera relaunch and Porsche 911 new generation

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1 00:00:02 Welcome to a Matter of Time, a podcast by Tagore. I'm your host, Nicholas Bebe, heritage director of Tagore, and someone with a lifelong affection fine twist watchmaking. In this season, we've been exploring the career on its 60th anniversary, traveling through time to reflect on some of the most iconic models and incredible stories from the models past. In this episode, we're gonna take a deep dive into the relationship between Tagore and Porsche. It's incredible to think that the alliance has only be official since 2021, but for so many people, it feels like something that has been going on for decades. In some ways, it has done, in fact, more than decades, potentially centuries. Going back to the very beginnings of the two brands, we can see young founders in their twenties excited about technology, excited about innovation, and only looking to achieve the very best performance in their respective categories. Speaker 1 00:01:01 From UA Hoer, the foundation of his namesake brand in 1860, Ferdinand Porsche establishing the illustrious sports car maker once again in his late twenties. It's amazing to see this young entrepreneurial energy that is driven both of the brands forward. It's funny, when we look at both the Carrera and the nine 11, their archetypal examples in their respective spaces, be it sports cars or chronograph wrist watchers. It's also amazing how both companies have found their way to the Carra name. Of course, the very origin is exactly the same. The amazing Carra PanAm, Americana that we discussed in the first episode of this season, running in Mexico from 1950 to 1954 and proving to be an absolute test of man and machine. Speaker 1 00:01:46 It was the exact environment that both Ferdinand Porsche and Jack Hu were determined to drive their products into to see how they could perform under absolute pressures. Of course, Porsche were competing in the Keera Pan Americana during its original running, famously winning their class in 1953 and 1954. Jack heard the incredible story secondhand from the parents of the Rodriguez brothers, but it no doubt moved his heart in exactly the same way that he did for the team. In Stuttgart, Porsche chose to use the Carrera name on the racing specification engine that was used to take part in the incredible road race. Jack, of course, decided to use it on his new great sports watch. Speaker 1 00:02:31 There will be a short period in the 1960s where both names would appear alongside each other. Porsche had been using it for the Model 3 56, the predecessors, the nine 11 in 1963, the 9 0 1 that would form the foundation for the nine 11. The following year was introduced exactly the same year as the Carrera. But what most people don't realize is that from the beginning, the nine 11 didn't wear the Carrera name. This didn't happen until 1972 with the arrival of the 2.7 career Rs, one of the most iconic and legendary models that Porsche has ever produced. So not only do we have these incredible philosophies tying the brands together, but we have a name Beyond that, we have this great technological spirit and another shared moment that is key for the brands is 1969. Hoya famously launched the automatic chronograph, powering the new range of Carrera or and Monaco models on the 3rd of March in that year. Speaker 1 00:03:22 But in the same year, Porsche also launched one of the most important and significant evolutions in the world of sports car racing. The Model 917, it would prove absolutely dominant at Lamar, and an amazing moment occurred in 1970, where being operated by the John Wire racing team, the Porsche 9 1 7 s at the 24 hour race, were wearing the golf delivery colors. One of our key partners today. Beyond that, Joseph and Derek Bell, great friends of the brand were driving the car and they were also there amazingly to teach Steve McQueen to drive this absolute tour de force in automotive engineering for his movie Lamar. So we have Porsche, we have Hoya, we have Gulf, we have McQueen. We have all of the drivers in this one moment encapsulated together. This is really one of the defining reasons why so many people see the brands as so closely interwoven, even if there was no official relationship at the time. Moving forward another decade into the 1980s, we see the acquisition of Hoya by Tag to create the newly formed tag wire, the iconic logo would appear on the nose of a McLaren Formula one car driven by a whole host of amazing drivers, including Alan Prost and Eton Center. Speaker 1 00:04:30 In late 1983, the McLaren Formula one team backed by the owners of Tag Mansur and Akram UJA were looking for a new power blonde. It was the arrival of the turbo era. Historically, it was the Ford Cosworth DFE that had been the signature of all of the winning cars in Formula One. But now with the arrival of the Turbocharged V six s, they needed a new power plant. Without the expertise to do it themselves, they turned to a company which did Porsche. While the engine didn't wear the Porsche name, it was well known in the paddock that it was the legendary hand metzker. One of Porsche's lead engineers had developed the engine. The car would go onto power, the legendary McLaren mp4 for drivers such as Nicki Louder and Allam Prost, and would result in a number of consecutive world championships. The 1990s would herald shakeups for tag with changing environments in both the watchmaking industry and the automotive industry. Speaker 1 00:05:22 Both companies need organizational restructuring. Another key date for both of the manufacturers was 1996. Tag. Hore had relaunched the Carrera at Mon with Jack Hoyer in its presence, and Porsche also launched the 9 96 Generation nine 11, the first of the water called cars, and a complete philosophical changing direction for the brand. It's incredible to see how these parallel paths have followed both manufacturers and tied them so closely together. It wasn't just about product, it was about the macro environments taking place in the world at the time, and also how the companies tried to resolve them. It wasn't always easy, but they always had a fundamental leadership style that focused on making the absolute best product for each of their specific disciplines. Luckily, these guiding principles would carry them through to the two thousands where both companies would see great success, new products, revised marketing strategies, a development and taste of luxury in new markets all helped to improve the financials for both organizations. So it's not surprising that when Tagore was looking for a new automotive partner just a couple of years back, all indications pointed to Porsche. It was always seen as a dream partner. For the Maison Speaker 1 00:06:39 Come that fateful day in 2021, where both Frederick Arno and De Lavon Platin stood on stage in Paris to announce they arrival of a partnership. It was clear that both parties had naturally arrived together with each other to create incredible product, incredible partnerships, amazing stories, and to find new ways to engage clients. There's no source. You have watched brands partnering with car brands, but it often feels quite contrived. Whereas Tagore and Porsche, they're two names that feel like they naturally belong together, and it feels totally serendipitous that the two are finally officially attached. Speaker 1 00:07:19 At the initial announcement, one Corp Porsche Carrera product was announced. It was soon followed by limited editions on the same platform such as the black and yellow and the new black and orange for 2023. Alongside that, we've had homages to the past, such as the anniversary pieces for the Carrera 2.7 Rs, and of course not forget the Connected Watch, which made a special debut at the Sale Formula E in 2022, where Tag Horror is not only the official timekeeping partner for the competition, but is also titled sponsor for Porsche's Formula E Works team. With such a symbiotic relationship now established, it's amazing to think what the future will hold, and there's a few more exciting releases left onto the Porsche and Carrera banners for 2023. Thank you for listening to this episode of a matter of time. I hope you've enjoyed these stories about the amazing connection between Tagore and the world of Motorsport. Don't forget to like and subscribe wherever you get your podcast, and do please leave a review. We're always looking forward to reading your comments. Tune in for the next episode while we'll be discussing the brand new Carreras that we'll launch for 2023. With so many amazing watchess, with so many amazing stories, it's only a matter of time until we get round them.

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